Birds learn to communicate with us through sounds, behavior and actions. Using their body language and vocalizations they can “tell” us when they are happy, content, frightened, sick, hungry, tired, angry, or ready to be held and cuddle.

There is still much, much to learn and understand regarding the “why” our birds do this and do that. Knowing that birds’ brains are actually larger in relation to their body size than a human’s brain is to their body size; 1/12th the size of their body to a human’s brain at 1/40th the size of their body, it is no wonder it is us having a difficult time understanding our birds. They probably already have us figured out!

Together let’s all help one another understand these magnificent creatures we have come to love, adore and admire. They truly deserve our devotion and more. It is our privilege to learn from them all of the lessons they have to teach us regarding “behavior” of the exotic bird!

Machelle's Tip O' the Day!
Seasonal Changes ~

Just like us and other animals, some birds react strongly to seasonal changes.