Machelle’s Tip O’ the Day! Seasonal Changes ~ Just like us and other animals, some birds react strongly to seasonal changes. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist     Often you may experience your bird(s) become a little more a little less active. Your bird may want to sleep more during seasonal change. Your bird… Read More

Kevlar Vests for Feather Destructive Birds – My Review Recently a new protective vest for feather destroying birds has arrived on the market. Because I bill myself as a specialist in feather destruction when items like this happen to run across my path I take a good look as to their benefits for our birds… Read More

QUESTION: I know exotic birds are very social and community oriented. I was wondering if having only one bird would create loneliness and emotional issues that might lead to feather destruction. If the bird continues to be a feather destroyer even after receiving the best nutritional diet possible, could that indicate some emotional trauma as… Read More

We all have it, but parrots seem to have this innate ability to not only “have it”, but keep it in tact for all of their long, living lives…”parrotuition.” Recently I read a meme on Facebook describing how empathic people should be treated: 1. We cannot change, so please don’t expect that. 2. Caging us… Read More