Caesar (Male Eclectus): RIP DOD 11.13.17 Please join us in celebrating Caesar’s life. Age at death: 17+ years. Cause of death: Atherosclerosis. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist Complete Necropsy: Performed. (Over $700.00 for a FULL necropsy-if you have a necropsy performed, understand that if you pay much less than this, it is not a full… Read More

Annual Well-Bird Exams ~ Annual well-bird exams and tests are paramount to maintain avian health and nutrition! Many of us religiously take our pet birds in for annual veterinary exams and lab tests, but are we asking for the correct and complete tests we need to know precisely how our bird’s health is overall? Let’s… Read More

Help Jordan! Please! Below is a video of an African Grey one of our customers is sponsoring. Both the customer, the bird and the caregiver of the bird will not be identified. We want to support this endeavor without subjecting any of the aforementioned to criticism, skeptics or additional suggestions that may or may not… Read More

Kevlar Vests for Feather Destructive Birds – My Review Recently a new protective vest for feather destroying birds has arrived on the market. Because I bill myself as a specialist in feather destruction when items like this happen to run across my path I take a good look as to their benefits for our birds… Read More

OTC Remedies: Feather Destruction Products  ~ Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Consultant On February 5, 2016, I spotlighted a couple of well-known palm oil / canola oil over-the-counter products manufactured by a certain bird food company touted to help birds increase their energy as well as help with feather condition. Today I want to spotlight yet… Read More

Allergy Alert: “Natural” Food Ingredients That Should Come With A Warning Label! “Warning: May cause negative reactions, adverse symptoms, super-sensitivities or trigger allergies.” Some “natural” substances we use need to come with warning labels. While maybe only a small minority in our society need this type of labeling, this information is crucial to the minority… Read More

Baking Soda: All baking soda is not the same, and not for the reason you may think. As many of you know who follow “The Mutilation Syndrome Program” I recommend using a very small amount of baking soda ONCE a week in your bird’s drinking water to help clear out the salicylates from your bird’s… Read More

  This list is NOT inclusive of all foods feather destroyers should not be fed, but does include some of the top foods that will most likely trigger feather destruction. Almost all herbs and spices. These foods are extremely high in salicylates and histamines. These foods are usually very high in salicylates. Most fruits except… Read More

OTC Remedies: Palm & Canola Oil Blend ~ I had a customer come to me asking if our company produces a similar product to one sold on the market manufactured by a popular commercial bird food manufacturer. That product my customer mentioned contains part Red Palm Oil and part Canola Oil. I was as honest… Read More

We all love it when our birds show the ability to be “teach-able.” When our birds perform their first “step-up” for us it’s akin to our child taking their very first step. And let’s be honest, we need our birds to take some commands from us in order to manage them in our homes. We… Read More

Know this about feather destroying birds: Even if we get some birds to reduce or stop picking, plucking, barbering/cutting their feathers, or stop self-mutilating they will need controlled environments for the remainder of their lives. Similar to humans who have exhausted adrenal glands these birds are now uber-sensitive to any type of trauma. Emotional and behavioral… Read More