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New HUMAN Items Coming to! (1 reply)

2 years ago
(unknown) 2 years ago


Many of you already know about our many human items we carry in our webstore at like our "Essential Living Foods" here:!essential-living-foods/cmis.

We also carry some of the "Go Raw" items here:!go-raw-/czb6

And recently we began carrying a line of whole-food, organic vitamins by
MegaFoods here:!megafood-vitamin--mineral-supplements/c175y

Let's not forget that we carry Mercola Krill Oil here:!mercola-krill-oil/c2j4
High in Omega 3 and beta-carotene, the pre-cursor to Vitamin A and also high in antioxidants.

We recommend almost all of the items we carry for humans as good and healthy items for our birds as well! (Some of the Essential Living Foods are not meant for birds)
This means you get to share and "bond" with your bird using almost all of the human-grade foods we sell on our website!
In other words, you can get healthier while you help your feathered friend become healthier too!

Soon we will be introducing even more human foods to our site!

One of those "foods" will be teas made with organic herbal ingredients.


Now as most of you know I don't recommend teas for birds on a regular and consistent basis due to the fact they are high in histamines, salicylates and tannins. The histamines and salicylates trigger feather destroying birds. Tannins prevent the absorption of Vitamin B12 and iron in all birds. It's hard enough for our birds to synthesize enough B12 without preventing that process feeding large amounts of tea leaves or brewed teas. If every now and then you want to share a couple of sips of tea with your feathered friend on an infrequent basis, that's fine though. I just don't recommend the feeding of tea on a regular basis: birds can't thrive on tea alone!

At any rate, many of us love to have a morning brew and nightly cup of tea, and that's fine. Now you can take a nice rest, sit down and spend some quality time with your bird while you sip on your cup of warm herbal tea...I mean many of us are really, really good to our birds and after all, why should our birds have all of the good stuff? We deserve to treat ourselves every once in awhile too!

Now you will be able to choose from a very nice assortment of loose leaf teas in our webstore all made from human-grade ingredients from a trusted source whose name you will recognize! And all at a very competitive price! We will sell our teas in a dark, light-proof and oxygen-proof package to prevent oxidation too! Yes, light and oxygen can literally remove the very properties that make teas medicinal. Our packaging will help prevent nutrient loss.

Pictured here is only 3 of the wide assortment of blends of loose leaf teas we will be offering.
2 years ago
(unknown) 2 years ago


Announcing and available for purchase!
Infused Reflections™ Teas
Introductory Sale! 20% off our already low pricing!!infused-reflections-teas/c1f53

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