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Rope Perches, Soft Collars, Sleep Huts: The Dangers! (No replies)

2 years ago
MamaHen 2 years ago

Impaction, furball, rope danger, parrotsRope Perches:
We thought about this long and hard. We thought about bringing rope perches into our webstore at really great prices.
We decided against it.
Far too many birds are ending up with crop and digestive tract impaction due to rope perches, toys with rope, sleep huts, soft collars and other rope and cloth items.
We pride ourselves on safe bird items.
While as caregivers we must watch every little thing that goes into our birds' beaks and into and around their environments, there are some items that just don't belong anywhere near them.
It is for this reason we will no longer be producing our Hang Out™ Play Gym with organic hemp rope. At some point we will bring back our Hang Out™ Play Gym in an all stainless steel version with hardwood perches.
In addition, as previously mentioned we will not be selling rope perches; we believe hardwood perches are the safest and offer the most in foraging-enrichment anyway.
We will not be offering soft collars or sleep huts for the same safety precaution. Nor will we be selling organic hemp rope in our webstore any longer.
We took this position on plastic items years ago due to the zinc used to bind plastic and to bind color additives to plastic.
We understand that no item is 100% safe, but we also know that unsafe hazards can be limited. This is our aim and our mission to ensure the safety of all companion feathered friends.
See what rope and cloth items can do to a bird:!save-your-birds-life/ciib
See our Hang Out™ Play Gym here and imagine it in all stainless with hardwood perches:!the-hang-out/clpl
Rope is rope. Rope is manufactured in such a way as to make it very, very strong and durable. In other words, the strands are long and durable and usually are not easily chewed into small bits which would pass through the digestive tract easily for elimination. Instead the long, tough fibers become entangled, meshed and impacted in a bird's crop, proventriculus and/or ventriculus or overall digestive tract causing partial or total blockage. Other natural chew toys contain fibers that are not manufactured for durability like rope so those fibers break off into small bits when chewed so if a bird ingests them they can pass through the digestive tract. Here is an article explaining how rope is made. Once we understand that long fibers are twisted, in opposite directions for durability, we can understand that those long fibers are exactly what causes impaction when our birds swallow the pieces they manage to chew off the ropes and other cloth items they have access to.


Photos courtesy of Pacific Vetcare.

"Furball" impaction taken out of bird.

This is the type of rope toy this bird chewed and swallowed. This is the type of rope toy this bird chewed and swallowed.

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Impaction, furball, rope danger, parrots
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