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3 years ago
(unknown) 3 years ago

Hi Everybirdy,

Due to the breach of security we encountered this week when only the post meant for the paid forums was accidentally sent out to all members, you will now need to visit each forum you are registered to and click the link at the bottom of the forum to activate "Notify me of all updates for any activity to this forum." The link should be hi-lighted in blue. Once you click that link for each forum you want notifications for, to arrive in your personal email account, you will be notified each time a member posts. This is actually better because you can pick and choose which forums you want instant notifications from and which forums you do not!

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work out all of the bugs in our new forum!

Yours, Admin

2 years ago
Grace 2 years ago

How do I get information about the paid forums? Sorry, but I keep clicking and there is nothing that I have found that explains either the cost or the options of forums.

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