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Sprouts (1 reply)

2 years ago
Tsali 2 years ago

Tsali has been enjoying organic sprouts (from BirD-elicious seeds/beans of course!).  I have on occasion nibbled a few; well maybe a handful or two and found them delicious.  Are the sprouts safe for human consumption?  Would love to make them a regular addition to my salads.

2 years ago
MamaHen 2 years ago

Normally any sprouting you do for your flock is also healthy for human consumption given you purchase seed that is "human grade." You will need to make up your own mind about the seed you purchase from our store Tsali. Here is our explanation regarding the quality of ingredients we purchase from our suppliers:!fresh-foods-what-is-fresh/csqr»

We only purchase from suppliers that sell human grade foods, except in the case of meal worms of course. The FDA does not recognize insects, larvae, etc as human foods. However, our company is not licensed to advertise and sell repackaged foods for human consumption. We can advertise and sell foods for humans that come pre-packaged however. 

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