“Really RAW for Birds: Progressive Exotic Avian Nutrition” tells the whole-food truth about feeding your birds the way Nature intended exotic birds to eat!

Raw food nutrition is the best, most nutritious source of food for wild-at-heart exotic birds. Nature provides this very kind of food for these magnificent creatures in the wild. We must do our best to mimic the foods our exotic companion birds eat in captivity.

Providing a variety of fresh, organic as well as sprouted and gently dehydrated foods free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, synthetic vitamins, dyes, artificial preservatives, added coloring and flavor enhancers is one of the ways we can ensure our birds are receiving some of the best nutrition available.

In this section of our “Nutrition” forum we will address what “raw” really means, what “organic” means, how to sprout properly and safely and how to gently dehydrate your birds’ foods. We will also address individual foods and their nutritional properties.

Come on in for inspiring and enthusiastic information and discussion!


Remembering our companion birds originate from some of the most exotic regions of the world, we must also remember there is an array of tropical foods also from those same locations!
Foods such as Star Fruit, Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Jack Fruit and many, many more will not only tantalize their beaks, but feed our birds’ systems the way Nature intended for their unique biological requirements!

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