Machelle’s Tip O’ the Day! Seasonal Changes ~ Just like us and other animals, some birds react strongly to seasonal changes. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist     Often you may experience your bird(s) become a little more a little less active. Your bird may want to sleep more during seasonal change. Your bird… Read More

It has come to my attention that many of us may actually be over-nourishing our beloved exotic companion feathered friends. Most of the time we all discuss mal-nourishment of our birds, but rarely do we specifically discuss over-nourishment. I would like to address this topic in this article. Over-supplying of individual nutrients is easier to… Read More

First of all we need to understand what oxalic acid does to the internal organs of our birds, specifically the kidneys. Like humans, birds can develop renal calcuri (kidney stones), a buildup of calcium oxalates. Most often this is due to insufficient hydration and/or over-supplementation of synthetic Vitamin D. With so many of our companion… Read More