We all want to make sure our feathered friends are celebrating this holiday season along with us! You probably have all or most of the ingredients for this holiday salad for parrots, so why not mix some up super quick and share the foraging fun with your bird? Directly from Machelle’s birdie kitchen to you! Holiday… Read More

  Machelle’s Tip O’ the Day! Seasonal Changes ~ Just like us and other animals, some birds react strongly to seasonal changes. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist     Often you may experience your bird(s) become a little more a little less active. Your bird may want to sleep more during seasonal change. Your bird… Read More

Annual Well-Bird Exams ~ Annual well-bird exams and tests are paramount to maintain avian health and nutrition! Many of us religiously take our pet birds in for annual veterinary exams and lab tests, but are we asking for the correct and complete tests we need to know precisely how our bird’s health is overall? Let’s… Read More

Parrot Vittles™ Quinoa Mango Salad ~  Here’s an easy, nutritious salad that is simply scrumptious! Another great feature: it keeps for days in the refrigerator. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist                   Ingredients: 1 cup quinoa 1/2 cup re-hydrated organic mango bits (Learn how to properly rehydrate: http://exoticbirdclubonline.com/2017/09/rehydrating-dried-produce) ¼ cup… Read More

Rehydrating Dried Produce ~ Moisture is extremely important for our exotic birds, but food preservation is vital for storing food and saving lots of our hard-earned money. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist I strongly believe in feeding gently dehydrated foods to our flock, especially fruit and veggie-like fruit (bell pepper, okra, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and… Read More

Origins Wild Diet: Feeding Suggestions ~ It has come to my attention that some who purchase and feed our OWD diets to their flocks may not completely understand the premise of our foods. Therefore I would like to take the opportunity to explain the intended use of our foods. Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist When… Read More

Feather Plucking Triggers: Feather destruction usually begins years after the root cause. There may be some confusion as to why / how birds get re-triggered into plucking, even after they have been on our Dirty Birdie Brittle and/or Better Feathers for a period of time. I am hoping to clear some amount of confusion surrounding… Read More

Natural Disasters & Bird Safety Tips ~ Here are some tips on how to prepare for a natural disaster to keep your bird safe: If You Are Staying Home: 1) During an emergency situation, keep your bird in a carrier in case you need to leave right away. 2) Keep the carrier in high spot away from… Read More

Help Jordan! Please! Below is a video of an African Grey one of our customers is sponsoring. Both the customer, the bird and the caregiver of the bird will not be identified. We want to support this endeavor without subjecting any of the aforementioned to criticism, skeptics or additional suggestions that may or may not… Read More

Produce Safety: Understanding Produce PLU’s ~ Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist Ever look at those sticky, hard-to-peel-off PLU stickers on fruits and vegetables and think to yourself, “I wish they would just leave those bothersome things off my produce!” Well if you would take the time to learn why they are on your produce you… Read More

Comparison Chart of a Variety of Commercial Bird Foods ~ To give my quick opinion and rating on several brands of commercial bird foods, I am supplying the list below. Rather than take on one brand/variety at a time, I will explain how these foods are processed and how I personally feel about these processing… Read More

Kevlar Vests for Feather Destructive Birds – My Review Recently a new protective vest for feather destroying birds has arrived on the market. Because I bill myself as a specialist in feather destruction when items like this happen to run across my path I take a good look as to their benefits for our birds… Read More

Organic Certification: My “Beef” With the Process Of ~ Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist Right from the start let’s get something straight about certified organic foods and uncertified, conventional foods – the former, certified organic is not necessarily more nutritious, but it is healthier. The latter, uncertified, conventional foods insert the potential for many health… Read More

Birds: Foods Consumed in the Wild & How They are Consumed ~ Machelle Pacion Avian Nutrition Specialist To the left side is a photo of papaya that is overly ripe containing sprouted seeds that sprouted endogenously (within) the fruit itself. We will address all the phases of ripening in this article further down. In all of… Read More