Kevlar Vests for Feather Destructive Birds – My Review Recently a new protective vest for feather destroying birds has arrived on the market. Because I bill myself as a specialist in feather destruction when items like this happen to run across my path I take a good look as to their benefits for our birds… Read More

  This list is NOT inclusive of all foods feather destroyers should not be fed, but does include some of the top foods that will most likely trigger feather destruction. Almost all herbs and spices. These foods are extremely high in salicylates and histamines. These foods are usually very high in salicylates. Most fruits except… Read More

Essential Oils, Spices & Herbs ~ So recently one of my Facebook “friends” posted that they have a “mild allergy to black pepper.” They were at an event and took a bite of the finger snacks that were served, and didn’t notice there was a hidden black peppercorn in the topping. “Within a minute they… Read More